About Us

We support the resilience of livelihoods of refugee children, women and youth including those with disabilities and host community in Kyaka II refugee settlement

Enterprise Development for Refugees and Host Community Women & Youth

  • Hodari Fund helps improve income levels of refugee women and youth, including those in host community. The Fund is a low-cost and evidence based small scale Business support model that helps to bring about lasting improvements in the income levels that traditional funding modalities have failed to deliver since their funding is typically tied to activities and not to outcomes. Our Funding model provides flexibility and incentives that stretch the impact of social programs, makes outcomes more visible and ensures that every Cent disbursed creates real impact thus providing a significantly greater guarantee of value-for-money that helps refugees create climate resilient and sustainable Businesses compared to pay-forinputs funding.

Empowering Women, Youth, and Inclusivity

Our Mission for Financial Independence and Self-Reliance

  • Support women and youth Business Savings groups, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Seed funding.
  • Financial inclusion capacity building for women, and youth including those with disabilities in the informal sector.
  • We design and promote alternative income generating activities to ensure refugee households have income that enables them to meet their basic needs without relying heavily on UNHCR or WFP support which in most cases is not enough.

Project Gallery

Discover our inspiring photo gallery, where each image narrates tales of hope, unity, and resilience. From unaccompanied minors finding safety to the bonds forged by foster families, our photos embody our mission’s essence.

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