We support the resilience of livelihoods of refugee children, women and youth including those with disabilities and host community in Kyaka II refugee settlement

Education that supports Learn-by-doing & Learning how to Learn

  • Setup and promote inclusive Early Childhood Education Centre for refugee and host community children.
  • Setup and furnish an Inclusive Vocational Skills Training Center for refugees and host community to promote Up-skilling, Re-skilling and Digitization linked to current and future local and global demands.
  • Construct an inclusive Sports facility to develop talent and create pathways for children and youth.
  • Pay school fees and provide other school and out of school needs for children paying attention to those from very poor households, Albino children and those with disabilities.
  • Design and provide Inclusive school transport services for children with disabilities.

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Discover our inspiring photo gallery, where each image narrates tales of hope, unity, and resilience. From unaccompanied minors finding safety to the bonds forged by foster families, our photos embody our mission’s essence.

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