About Us

We support the resilience of livelihoods of refugee children, women and youth including those with disabilities and host community in Kyaka II refugee settlement

Hodari Foundation

HODARI Foundation HF is a refugee founded and refugee led Organization that deploys a Human- Centered -Design Approach and a Theory of Change to Support the Resilience of livelihoods of children, Adolescent girls, Teen mothers, young women, HIV+ women, women who are heads of families, youth, people with disabilities in  Kyaka II Refugee Settlement- Kyegegwa District, Western Uganda. 

Collaborative Solutions for Lasting Impact

We are committed to giving the highest consideration to human life and its defence; respects everyone’s basic human rights, values and freedoms while advancing proper and responsible use of resources that don’t harm the environment. 

We prioritize improving beneficiary outcomes; providing tools and knowledge needed to solve their most critical needs and treating them as agents and partners rather than victims requiring a service. This helps our engagements be appropriately customized, which in turn leads to best possible outcomes.

Our Vision

Refugees and Host Community in Western region, Uganda enjoying an equitable life free from Poverty, food insecurity and are more adaptive to climate change.

Our Mission

To promote and defend the rights and well being of all individuals regardless of their backgrounds by fostering a culture of inclusivity, equity and empowerment by 2030.

Target Segments

Our Brief History

Our History relates to the life of our founding member, Janvier Hafasha, a refugee who was only 17 at the time he fled the Democratic Republic of Congo when a militia group invaded his village, brutally murdering his mother in his presence. To-date, Janvier has no idea where the rest of his family members could be now. Having been traumatized to this level, Janvier embarked on a multi-stakeholder approach by closely working with the local leaders and Humanitarian organizations in Kyaka Refugee Settlement to share his experience and seek for solutions to the challenges affecting fellow refugees in the settlement. Janvier got an opportunity to work with Humanity & Inclusion formerly Handicap International as a Community Based Facilitator; its from here that he developed desire to organize fellow refugees particularly those who were more vulnerable hence the birth of Hodari Foundation.

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